An F1 Fan Has Recreated This Year's Monaco Grand Prix On F1 2016 - WTF1

An F1 Fan Has Recreated This Year’s Monaco Grand Prix On F1 2016

One of the great things about F1 games is that you can use them to create your own alternate history of a season. If you want to see a McLaren-Honda win a race or take Rio Haryanto to the championship then a game is your best best of seeing that happen.

But YouTuber Nekrews 51 has gone the other way and made a near-perfect recreation of the highlights of the 2017 Monaco Grand Prix using Codemasters’ F1 2016.

Pretty neat huh? Sure, it uses the 2016-spec cars, but everything else is pretty damn accurate, from the use of actual race commentary and team radio to the inclusion of some extra FOM graphics. Marcus Ericsson’s crash behind the safety car even has the same level of embarassment.

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