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An F1 Fan Has Reworked The Halo To Try And Make It Look Better

The Halo device that will be on all F1 cars in 2018 is not a good-looking piece of kit, with fans comparing it to a flip-flop, basketball hoop or a Zimmer frame.

At least, that’s certainly what the prototype ones we’ve seen so far look like. Maybe the actual ones that appear on the cars next season will be less visually offensive?

Finnish designer Esa Mustonen has had a go at making the Halo look better by giving them subtle redesigns and incorporating them into the liveries of the 2017 cars, and the results are very impressive.

He admits that his main concern was simply about trying to make them look better, without worrying in terms of the practical aspects so much, and on that front they work very well. The Mercedes and particularly the Renault versions look far, far less offensive than the real ones.

He’s even had an idea to give the Halo an extra practical application by incorporating some information screens into the bulky bit in front of the driver.

It’s probably going to take a while for fans to get over the look of the halo, but these designs show that it is possible for them to not look absolutely atrocious with a bit of clever livery design and maybe some slight alterations to its structure. Let’s hope the teams are as adept at hiding them when the actual Halos appear on the 2018 cars.

You can check out more of his work on Facebook and Instagram.

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