An LMP2 Car Flipped Over After Hitting A Tyre Barrier At Pouhon

Andrea Roda's race early when he dropped his Ligier LMP2 car at the super-fast Pouhon corner in the European Le Mans Series race at Spa

When it comes to Spa-Francorchamps Eau Rouge and Blanchimont are the corners which grab all the headlines, but it’s the double left-hander at Pouhon which is actually one of the tracks most challenging corners.

Andrea Roda, driver of the No.25 Algarve Pro Racing Ligier found this out to his cost when he lost it there in the 4 Hours of Spa. Even though there’s a fair bit of run-off there, Roda was unlucky enough to clip the tyre barriers at an awkward angle, flipping his car onto its roof.

Thankfully Roda was OK, but once he’d climbed from the car the marshals were left with the problem of how to move an overturned car. The answer? Brute force, of course!

That’s a strong car - it almost looks good enough to jump back in and finish the race with!