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Changes Will Be Made To The Albert Park Circuit To Encourage More Overtaking

This year’s Australian Grand Prix, currently rescheduled to take place in November, will be taking on several changes in the hopes it will improve overtaking on the street circuit. We’re simple people; we see the words “more overtaking” and are instantly wanting to know more.

The changes will be made to the circuit between February and July and are all part of a broader modification to the Albert Park area of Melbourne, Australia.

Although work on the changes had initially been planned for after the 2021 Australian Grand Prix, they’ve been brought forward after this year’s race was moved to late November due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The Australian pitlane has already been widened by 2 metres – done by removing a grass verge and moving the pitlane closer to the track – with these new changes meaning F1 will likely increase the pit lane speed limit.

The most dramatic change on-track will be to Turn 9/10, which is usually a heavy braking zone followed by a tight right-hander. This will be altered, and instead made into a flowing and faster right-left sweeping sequence.

Cars will carry this newly-found speed into Turn 11/12, before encountering Turn 13 that will also be adjusted. The corner will be made wider and have a camber added to encourage the drivers to take different racing lines and welcome overtaking opportunities.

“After 25 years, there was a need to do some resurfacing,” Andrew Westacott, CEO of the Australian Grand Prix corporation said. “When you are going to do resurfacing of a track that is 5.3km long, it’s a great opportunity to also evolve the circuit in the same way the cars have evolved over 25 years.”

It’s not just a fresh layer of asphalt that’s changed, modifications means track times will be much quicker.

“Lap times are going to be reduced by about five seconds per lap. There are also going to be great opportunities at Turn 1, Turn 3, Turn 6, Turn 9, Turn 10 and Turn 13.”

Goodness, this sounds too good to be true!

The track changes have also created even more space for viewing areas, meaning fans can watch more of the action unfold in front of their eyes. Brilliant stuff 👏

What do you think about the circuit modifications? Do you think it will make much of a difference?

This article was originally published on February 17th 2021, but has been updated.

2 thoughts on “Changes Will Be Made To The Albert Park Circuit To Encourage More Overtaking

  • So in order to improve overtaking, they remove one of the few braking zones on the track (albeit one which sees little action outside of the opening lap) and replace it with a sweeper which will subject the cars to dirty air for longer, leading into a corner sequence where the optimum line is barely below top speed and which is never going to generate overtaking except by mistakes on exit.

    Heart-racing stuff.

    Reserving judgement on the alterations to Turn 13 until actual detail is available for the extra width and camber.

  • Yeah this is super dumb the obvious solution is making turns 1 and 2 flowey and flat out so both of the first two straights can be combined into a solid drs zone into turn 3… what the hell is changing 9/10 gonna do??

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