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Are We About To Lose Spa Francorchamps From The F1 Calendar?

The thought of this headline alone sends a shiver down my spine. Yes, the iconic Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps might not present us with a banging race every year, but its history makes it one of the most special venues on the calendar.

That’s why my heart skipped a beat when I heard that F1 could BIN OFF the Belgian circuit for 2023.

Sorry, what now?!

It’s no secret that F1 are signing deals with new and existing circuits, what feels like every five minutes. Honestly, I feel like I have seen more circuit contract extensions than I have had hot dinners recently.

One country that wants to get in on the action and secure a race soon is South Africa. Although I adore the look of Kyalami, as do most fans, the cost of an African GP could mean losing the Belgian GP.

The Spa circuit is out of contract at the end of the year, as well as the French GP and possibly Monaco. With ‘new’ additions like Miami, Qatar and Las Vegas, plus the return of tracks like Imola and China, it’s no surprise that F1 is looking at a BIG calendar if they keep expanding and renewing contracts.

Spa might be one of the oldest circuits on the calendar, having been one of the OG venues for the first F1 World Championship in 1950. However, it has been absent before, such as in 2006 when it was cancelled because repair work wouldn’t be finished in time.

In a poll on earlier this year, a whopping 95% of fans demanded that Spa had to be on the F1 calendar!

Despite significant safety changes being made to the circuit in recent months, mainly to help host motorcycle racing, it’s also been noted that some of the organisation and infrastructure around the circuit isn’t up to F1 standard 😬

How would you feel if we lost Spa from the F1 calendar? Let us know in the comments.

12 thoughts on “Are We About To Lose Spa Francorchamps From The F1 Calendar?

  • If this becomes true, I wonder if last year’s “race” has created an impact in this decision. A farce of an event where both F1 and the organisers failed to deal with the situation, both during and afterwards, not even dealing compensation properly, and probably have affected things in terms of financials and in relationship between F1 and Spa. It would make it one step closer to become the new 2005 US GP in these regards.

    • Tjidde Nieuwenhuizen says:

      I have a better idea.

      We drop Spain for testing. We test in Paul Ricard for 2 weeks. Each week another layout. Since Paul Ricard is high-end in it’s features. We can have a full day of rain simulation.

      Then Paul Ricard still has something to do with F1. And we fix the problem that every team has to much data of Spain. It will make Spain more of a guess work for the teams to set there cars up.

  • Phillip Watters says:

    I’m surprised they’re considering removing it after 95% of fans voted that it was essential.

  • As a newish F1 viewer that doesn’t have any sentimental ties to Spa, I get kind of unnerved every time they go there. So much tragedy and danger in that circuit. If Monaco is too boring for modern F1 cars, Spa is too dangerous for modern F1 cars and I would vote to keep boring over dangerous every single day. Hopefully the changes they are making there go a long way to making it safer.

  • I like Spa, but the death of Anthoine Hubert has put a scar on a lot of us and other crashes such as Norris in 2021
    The circuit is nice, but the Eau Rouge-Radillion corner is just dangerous and should be removed.

  • David Christopher Mitchell says:

    As a lifelong F1 fan I am losing interest in the racing that has been offered for many years. I’m sick and tired of dull and predictable outcomes and too many interferences from the officials. I absolutely hate the DRS zones and the unfair advantages it produces, IndyCar does it better. If they cut Spa from the schedule, my favorite track, I’m going to start sleeping in on Sunday mornings. As I’m aging-out of their target demographic I don’t think they care if I’m watching or not but frankly I think IndyCar has more excitement.

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