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Assetto Corsa In Mixed Reality Looks Damn Awesome

Mixed Reality gives video viewers a feel of what Virtual Reality is all about and this Assetto Corsa race at old-school Monza is a great example of it.

The hype and buzz around Virtual Reality is picking up pace at a rapid rate, but it’s hard for viewers or people watching to really get a feel for what it’s like.

YouTuber Marcel Pfister has helped us all out by taking his Virtual Reality experience and putting it in Mixed Reality, blending in the virtual environment of his Assetto Corsa race.

It gives us a more immersive and fun look at what he’s experiencing during his VR Assetto Corsa race around a 1966-spec Monza at the wheel of a beautiful Maserati 250F.

All of the background and mixed reality stuff is added in using a green screen and editing after the race has finished, to give us a glimpse of what he’s seeing in his Oculus Rift CV1.

It’s a pretty cool and more unusual way of showing off racing gameplay, making it feel so much more immersive for us viewers! More of this, please!

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