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Aston Martin’s Rear Wing Is Causing BIG Controversy In Hungary

As one of the slowest teams on the grid, Aston Martin needed something big to turn their season around – and it might have arrived in Hungary! 

Put simply, Aston Martin have come up with a… creative… interpretation of the rules, and arrived with a rear wing that produces more downforce whilst making their car harder to follow. 

This has been done by changing the positioning of the rear wing endplates so that there is less airflow spilling off the rear wing and increasing the amount of turbulent air for the car behind. 

The re-imagined rear wing is quite similar to last year’s design and increases drag meaning the Aston will be a bit slower on the straight, but it kind of screws over what the new regulations have all been about – closer racing! 

Not only is this a controversial move, which got Ted Kravitz very excited, but it actually might be working (which is rare for Aston Martin)! Almost forgot about the Green Bull disaster! 

Having spent the majority of the season battling to get into Q2, both drivers took a big step up during FP1 for the Hungarian Grand Prix, finishing in P11 and P12. 

As one of the most high-downforce tracks on the calendar, the Hungaroring is a perfect track to showcase the new upgrade and it will be interesting to see whether or not their ‘creative interpretation’ pays off!  

Keep an eye on Stroll and Vettel! 

9 thoughts on “Aston Martin’s Rear Wing Is Causing BIG Controversy In Hungary

  • Adrian Brown says:

    The FIA should give each team a large box of the appropriate size. Tell the teams the car :
    * needs to fit inside that box
    * adhere to all the current safety guidelines
    * complete the race with a given amount of fuel
    * not need tyre blankets or external engine or brake cooling
    Then just let them get on with it. They can use whatever innovation they like. The end of tyre blankets and external cooling might allow some of the innovation to be relevant to domestic vehicles.

    • Mark Elliott says:

      You missed the last 50 years or something, minus the tyre blankets, that’s exactly what has happened for decades. Teams innovate, then the FIA ban that innovation, teams innovations make them unbeatable for years then the regs change. F1 has been innovating and passed that to road cars for forever 🤨Do you watch F1?

      • Adrian Brown says:

        Thanks Mark, that explains the Kia Ceed I saw last week. I wondered what the dry ice and the electric blankets were for.

        • Mark Elliott says:

          Adaptive Suspension, Paddle shifters, Hybrid powertrains. Carbon Fibre, just to name a few F1 tech you see everywhere. Sorry no Kia tech there mate 🙂

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