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Audi Have Fired Shots At Mercedes ALREADY After Announcing F1 Entry

There’s been a lot of excitement in the world of F1 today, with Audi confirming they’re joining F1 from 2026 as a power unit manufacturer. As well as launching a very sexy concept livery, Audi have been finding ways to throw shade at their German rivals, Mercedes, already!

In their press release, Audi made sure to get in nice and early that it would be “the first time in more than a decade that a Formula 1 power train will be built in Germany”.

This is a clear dig at Mercedes, who, although are a German manufacturer, build all their PUs in Brixworth, UK. It might be a cheeky comment, but it’s a clear dig at the reigning Constructors’ Champions.

Then, and this is the juicy one, when sharing some concept livery designs on Twitter, said: “Rumour has it: rings are the new stars”.

Audi is known for their four-ring logo design, and Mercedes have a three-point star in its logo. Honestly, we’re living for the fact Audi have come onto the scene and is already wanting to stir the pot.

We’re already looking forward to the 2026 Audi vs Mercedes episode of Drive to Survive 🍿

12 thoughts on “Audi Have Fired Shots At Mercedes ALREADY After Announcing F1 Entry

    • Swapnil Mankame says:

      Audi has a History of joining a sport and dominating in the first year. they now have 4 years to only focus on the 2026 car, no money or resources spent in competing unlike the other teams. if you follow WEC Le mans, pretty sure Audi will be in the top 4 contenders in the first year few years.

      • True. But remember engine manufacture is a different company. Mercedes AMG (engine division) makes the engines solely themselves and sells the engine to Mercedes AMG (the F1 team). Same with all the other power units. They don’t have to share resources and “focus” on racing. You are forgetting how valuable real world data is in F1. Something Audi won’t have nowhere near as much as Mercedes.

  • Audi is a big company and is completely focused on making 2026 PU as good as possible wgereas current teams have to focus on competing. No way are audi gonna enter the sport and finish below 5th… Giving benefit of experience to other teams

  • Not quite sure stepping into the nationalism is the best way to go. When were Ferrari at their most successful? When they were managed by a Frenchman, their technical director was British and their lead driver was German. F1 is a team sport not a national one. You want the best people for the job regardless of where they come from or where they are working.

    • Nationalism is not strange to Germans, and to sports in general.

      Sports, like football, F1, Olympics, and more, are promoting anti-racism, but at the same time celebrating nationalism, which is often the root cause for racism.

      Nothing but show and marketing.
      Audi is playing along.

  • funny at the end of the clip, the four tracks become four rings, with one of them being SPA.. which could be dropped from f1 next season..

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