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Audi’s New Le Mans Car Looks Like A Kid’s Drawing Of A Batmobile

‘What the hell is that?’ was my first reaction to Audi’s new R18 Le Mans prototype, then it was ‘Actually, it’s kind of cool,’ then it was ‘Oh no, that’s just hideous’ and then ‘But maybe…’

Nope, I just can’t decide whether this looks absolutely insanely awesome or like a terrible kids drawing of a Batmobile. Either way, this is the car that Audi will race in next year’s World Endurance Championship and the 2016 Le Mans 24 Hours.

Audi2 Audi3

The new R18 packs more hybrid punch with 6 megajoules, while Audi have now opted for battery power rather than a flywheel to go alongside their TDI engine.

One thing that will probably change though is the awesome Sith Lord livery that Audi always seem to tease their Le Mans prototypes in before ruining things by painting it in corporate colours.

I think I kinda like it… no, no it’s horrible. Argh!

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