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The Shortest Ever F1 Race Happened 25 Years Ago Today

The 1991 Australian Grand Prix at Adelaide, held 25 years ago today, is notorious for being the shortest Grand Prix in history. If you’ve got a free hour or so you can take a trip back in time with this retro-tastic broadcast of the BBCs Grand Prix programme – check out that awesome intro sequence!

It’s crazy to see how different things were back in 1991, which somehow still seems quite recent. Cars stopped in near zero visibility and recovery vehicles on circuit under nothing more than yellow flags seems crazy (especially given that Adelaide is a street circuit) and it’s a wonder nothing more serious happened.

The race was red-flagged on lap 16, with the results (mistakenly) counted back to the end of lap 14. Just as happened in Brazil in 2003 there seemed to be some confusion over the actual results of the race, and similarly the podium was missing a driver as Nigel Mansell was having precautionary checks in the hospital during the ceremony.

Even rain-master Senna said after the race that it shouldn’t have been started. We may moan when the likes of the 2016 British GP are treated with too much caution, but this is a useful reminder that there comes a point where a bit of caution is definitely needed.

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