Alonso Is Unsure If He’ll Race At Indy Again To Complete The Triple Crown

Ah, the triple crown. The highest accomplishment in motorsport. Only one man achieved this phenomenal task in 1972, and it appeared Fernando Alonso was on course to become the second to do so. However, speaking on the WTF1 Podcast, Alonso suggested that the dream of the triple crown might already be over.

Alonso, Barrichello And Kanaan Will Race A WTF1 Car In The iRacing Daytona 24

*Screaming intensifies* Okay, so this might be the coolest thing, like, ever. Two-time F1 world champion Fernando Alonso, F1 legend Rubens Barrichello and IndyCar champion Tony Kanaan will all be competing in the upcoming Daytona 24 iRacing championship in a WTF1 car. Can someone pinch us?

The Race Of Champions Will Be On Ice In 2022

Grab your cosiest woolly hat and thermals! Race Of Champions is heading to the frozen Baltic Sea in Sweden for their first-ever ‘ROC Snow & Ice’ event in 2022.

Alfa Romeo Have Taken A Weird Approach To Naming Their Car This Year

We all know how numbers work. Right? Which is why we’re slightly stumped at Alfa Romeo’s decision to jump from naming their car C39 in 2020 and then to C41 for 2021. We’re no Albert Einstein, but we think you’ve missed a number there guys. However, there is a reason.

Perez Has Spent His First Day At The Red Bull Racing Factory

Red Bull’s latest signing, Sergio Perez, has had his first experience at the team’s Milton Keynes factory. In addition to a tour of the premises and a seat fitting, Red Bull was sure to film a quick video of Checo at the front of the building that gave off big ‘first day at school’ vibes.

9 Celebrities Who Have Owned Motorsport Teams

With the random news that rapper Pitbull will be co-founding a NASCAR team, we wanted to take a look back at the weirdest and wackiest collaborations of when celebrity met motorsport; and a race team was born.

Look At This Adorable Kid-Drawn Livery For The Rolex 24 At Daytona

Era Motorsport have hand-picked this super cute design to cover their LMP2 car for the first race of the season. The colourful livery was drawn by a six-year-old from Canada, and even features a lightning bolt. We’re also loving that this endurance car isn’t a predictable red, white and black livery!

Pitbull Now Co-Owns A NASCAR Team

Music superstar Pitbull has become a co-owner of the NASCAR team Trackhouse Racing. The American rapper hopes that his involvement in the team will amplify the sport’s influence and admits he fell in love with NASCAR after watching the movie ‘Days of Thunder’.

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