We know that NASCAR autobots will feature in the new Transformers movie but did you know their was an F1 transformer in the original 1984 TV series? That’s right, Mirage, was based on a classic Ligier Formula One car.

Click below for some pictures of Mirage as well as the car he was based on, the Ligier JS11.

A clip of Mirage in the 1984 TV series.

Mirage was even called ‘Ligier’ in the Japanese series. 


The 1979 Ligier that Mirage was based on.


A toy Mirage which shows him in his autobot and F1 car form.


Transformers Wiki

Thanks to MarkDEvans for pointing out that the Decepticon ‘Drag Strip’ was also based on an F1 car. The Tyrrell P34. Check out the picture here.