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Awesome Senna Portrait Made From F1 Quotes About Senna

There’s no end of Ayrton Senna portraits out there but this latest piece from artist Annemarie Wright is just a little bit special. She has somehow created a portrait of the Formula One legend using entirely hand-written text.


The text isn’t just gibberish though, it’s made up of famous quotes from F1 drivers and commentators about the Brazilian, including Niki Lauda’s famous line: ‘Senna was the greatest driver ever and when someone like him is killed you have to ask yourself what is the point of it all.’


Truly incredible, I mean I can’t even draw a damn stick figure and look at this thing! So it may set you back £300 but just think how long something like this must have taken.

And if you’re after a modern F1 champ, there’s also a Lewis Hamilton one made up of quotes made by the Mercedes driver. Awesome.

Link to product here.

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