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That Time Ayrton Senna Had To Be Rescued By A Fiat Tempra

The 1993 Brazilian Grand Prix featured the first modern use of the safety car in a race and it played a part in helping Ayrton Senna take victory. Once the race was finished it would come to his aid once more.

After Senna crossed the line the jubilant Brazilian fans broke ranks and invaded the track, desperate to congratulate their hero. By the time Senna had got to the back straight there was nowhere to go as the fans surrounded his McLaren and he had to be rescued by the safety car. There was no flashy high-end Mercedes back then, though, so Senna had to make do with completing his victory lap onboard a humble Fiat Tempra. Not just any Fiat Tempra, mind you, but the top-of-the-range 2.0-litre, 16valve turbo version. Phwoar.

Now safe from the crowds, Senna hung out of the window waving to his fans (who were still trying to mob him) in one of the most memorable celebrations in F1 history, proving that the Brazilian fans are right up there with the Italians and the Brits as some of the most fanatical around.

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