The Banter Between Max Verstappen And Mercedes Right Now Is Hilarious

Max Verstappen has staked an early claim on the suddenly-free seat at Mercedes…or has he?

With Nico Rosberg’s retirement leaving a seat at Mercedes unexpectedly open, the driver market will be thrown into chaos. Pretty much every driver, contracted or not, will be looking to see how they can get a seat at the team that has utterly dominated the sport for the last three years.

Mercedes have already received some applications:

Nice try, Pastor.

But one major name has already thrown his hat in the ring to be considered: Max Verstappen. This totally-serious-and-not-a-joke-honestly exchange on Twitter all but confirms Verstappen’s position as the new Mercedes driver for 2017.

Ooof, Mercedes playing hardball. Is Max chasing Mercedes or are Mercedes chasing Max?!

Wow, Toto doesn’t hang about. Wonder if Max answered? Or was he just trying to phone Jos and got the wrong number? WE NEED ANSWERS!

Ahhh, so Toto WAS trying to get through to Jos! Now that would be a comeback and a half.

Oh, now this throws a spanner in the works. David Coulthard? Ok, he’s a little old, but he did race for Mercedes in the DTM a few years ago. This could be a good option for Mercedes – or is it just a bargaining tool to get a better deal with Max?

What a time to be alive.  In the past driver negotiations happened in private behind closed doors, but now they’re happening publicly on Twitter for ALL TO SEE. Incredible.