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Bernie won’t be happy: Rip-off F1 models

Have you ever come across those cheap F1 models, you know, the ones that look a bit naff? This summer we’ve found absolutely loads of them and thought we’d share them with you.

Each model is actually based on a real F1 car but features imitation sponsors and paint-jobs. Below are the fakes and the real deals.

The Fake

Sponsors: Team Spirit, Renowned, Alf.

The Real Deal: Renault F1 R26 – 2006

Sponsors: Team Spirit, Renault, Elf.

The Fake

Sponsors: Power, Virgo

The Real Deal: Brawn GP BGP001 – 2009

Sponsors: Brawn, Virgin

The Fake

Sponsors: Motivity, AMC

The Real Deal: Ferrari F2003-GA – 2003

Sponsors: Malboro, AMD

The Fake

Sponsors: Went, Sienna, TAB, Model 11, CAP, Machine-Benz

The Real Deal: McLaren MP4/17 – 2002


Sponsors: West, Siemens, TAG, Mobil 1, SAP, Mercedes-Benz

The Fake

Sponsors: KING, Elt, Racing

The Real Deal: Renault R29 – 2009

Sponsors: ING, Elf, Renault

The Fake

Sponsors: Racing, Model 1, Sander

The Real Deal: McLaren MP4/22 – 2007

Sponsors: Voadfone, Mobil 1, Santander

The Fake

Sponsors: FEEL, Winning, Tercel Super

The Real Deal: BMW Sauber F1.06 – 2006 

Sponsors: DELL, Intel, Credit Suisse

The Fake

Sponsors: A to Z, Barcode

The Real Deal: Ferrari F2007 – 2007

Sponsors: AMD, Barcode (Malboro)

The Fake

Sponsors: PRT, fle

The Real Deal: Renault R27 – 2007

Sponsors: ING, elf

The Fake

Sponsors: Movable, Movable 1, Racing-World, Good

The Real Deal: McLaren MP4/25 – 2010

Sponsors: Vodafone, Mobil 1, Mercedes-Benz, Aigo


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