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Bernie’s Latest Unpopular Opinion Is About Female Drivers

There’s been no real Formula One news of interest for quite a while now, so of course it’s time for Bernie Ecclestone to blurt out some offensive bollocks to get F1 back in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Bernie has recently defended Sepp Blatter, praised Vladimir Putin and said F1 is only for the old and rich. So for his next trick, he’s spoken about female drivers.

Asked by TSN if we’d see a female racing in Formula One, he said:

“I doubt it, because if there was somebody that was capable, they wouldn’t be taken serious anyway, so they would never have a car that is capable of competing.”

So there you go. Sorry to all the ladies currently in karting or the junior categories, an 85-year-old man thinks you’re wasting your time.

Thankfully Martin Brundle is the voice of reason.

Well said, Martin.

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