After a Formula 1 race, the top three are meant to go to the FIA press conference room to talk to media about what just happened.

But, when you’ve just won your home race for the fifth time (fourth in a row) and have thousands of adoring fans waiting to catch a glimpse of you, some things just have to wait.

After taking a dominant victory at Silverstone, Hamilton decided to go crowd surfing and greet some of the supporters on the main straight and in front of the podium.

It was pretty cool to see him giving the fans so much attention and he looked like he was having a brilliant time, as you’d expect.

But, two drivers who weren’t having such a good time were Valtteri Bottas and Kimi Raikkonen, who had turned up for the press conference on time.

They were left waiting in front of the media for Hamilton before it could all begin – the photos and their expressions do all the talking, to be honest…

Hamilton did eventually turn up to the press conference, calling Mercedes “faultless” after a “perfect weekend”, but Bottas and Raikkonen were probably a little annoyed by the wait

They looked pretty bored. To be honest, we’d be too.

The gap between Sebastian Vettel and Hamilton is now down to just one point after the British GP.