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Bottas Didn’t Understand Russell’s Rage In Crash That Was ‘Clearly His Fault’

It was one of the biggest talking points of the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. Valtteri Bottas and George Russell came together in a huge crash that, luckily, both drivers walked away from. After the huge shunt, Russell walked over to confront Bottas, who exchanged a middle finger whilst Russell slapped Bottas’ racing helmet.

We were all sat in absolute shock and couldn’t believe our eyes. It’s one of the most dramatic moments we have seen in a long time, and both drivers think the other is to blame. Spicy.

“It was a half-decent shunt,” Bottas told F1. “Obviously could have been a lot worse at that speed. From my point of view, obviously, I stopped for the dry tyres and took the time to get them to work.

“George got close, decided to go for a move. The track is quite narrow, there is only one dry line, and he went from the outside. There was space all the time for two cars, but it didn’t make any sense that move. He obviously lost it and hit me.

“I haven’t spoken to him. I couldn’t hear a thing he was saying. I don’t really get it, it was clearly his fault, and I don’t understand the rage.”

Both drivers immediately retired from the race and brought out the red flags. It is expected to be investigated with both drivers attending the Stewards office after the race had ended.

Who do you think was at fault? Let us know below.

3 thoughts on “Bottas Didn’t Understand Russell’s Rage In Crash That Was ‘Clearly His Fault’

  • Lion_ Книг says:

    I Believe Russell saw Bottas swerved to the right a bit therefore causes russell to get surprised and also tried to moved out to the right to avoid contact which causes him to go to the wet part of the track and into the grass making him spin and hits bottas. This what i think and what i saw through my eyes after watching Russell’s onboard

    • Matthew Williams says:

      Yes, Russel didnt know exactly how much space was left, or if Bottas even has seen him. Bottas Could have leave him more space, but there was enough space for Russel to back of or storm through. Sad to see this happen.

      • Lion_ Книг says:

        It’s pretty much bad luck too since the overtaking point there near tamburello was super wet while Russell is on Slicks and he was going really fast too so staying behind bottas on tamburello was probably not a quite good idea, he took the chance but it didn’t work.

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