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Bottas Responds To Rumours That He’s Already Been Dropped By Mercedes

It’s been a popular piece of paddock gossip since the start of the season. With plenty of big contracts coming to an end after 2021, and with Bottas having a less than ideal start to the season, many have started to suggest his days at Mercedes are numbered. 

Bottas had a dreadful weekend in Baku. That’s just the way it is. He was never in contention of decent points, let alone the fight for the race’s lead. Overall, Bottas finished in 12th. Meanwhile, his teammate Lewis Hamilton had been fighting for the podium places and led the race at the beginning. It was not good at all.

It wasn’t surprising that rumours about his future quickly rushed around, with some saying that he’d already been told that Mercedes won’t keep him for 2022.

“I can’t confirm that, at least nobody told me about that, so that’s not true. That’s speculation.” He said.

“I’m sure there are all kinds of speculation, but it’s not based on any facts. People are trying to make up stories just for the clicks. You know that’s how it goes.”

He said that there won’t be any discussion on his future yet, and they would likely be after the triple-header in France and Austria. If that’s the case, Valtteri needs to make these races count because this has been his worst-ever start to a season with Mercedes.

After four races, the headlines were all about it being Lewis’s best-ever start. But Valtteri, currently in sixth place, is only a few points ahead of where he was with Williams in 2015.

With George Russell continuing to perform for Williams himself, the pressure is on for Bottas in the next couple of races to prove he deserves another one year deal with Mercedes.

He’s hopeful about the next races, though, because F1 isn’t racing at street tracks anymore: “I think our car is quite on a knife-edge on those kinds of tracks. But I think at least the next few tracks it’s a bit more normal and hopefully, we can get a reasonable set-up and that it’s not that easy to go into the wrong direction.”

Bottas and Hamilton are also swapping chassis this weekend as part of their planned rotation, with Bottas taking chassis No. 6 and Hamilton, No. 4.

Bottas denied it was to do with his poor performance in Baku: “It’s not a new chassis, it’s different, and it was always planned for me to change to a different chassis at this point.”

The changes are to make sure each chassis has a similar mileage to keep the cars at as equal performance as possible. They need to do this because of Bottas’s crash with Russell at Imola at the start of the season, which ultimately wrote off a chassis in only the second round.

Can you see Bottas at Mercedes for another year in 2022?

5 thoughts on “Bottas Responds To Rumours That He’s Already Been Dropped By Mercedes

  • VB wouldn’t get more than a one year deal again, so Ocon surely wouldn’t want to be tied up outside of a Merc seat on a long term deal unless he knows there’s no chance there (not saying he should/shouldn’t be in the Merc). My bet is that Russell will have a long term deal with Mercedes announced as soon as they find somewhere for Bottas to land.

    • TrueKnightFA says:

      Do you know Ocon has just signed a 3 year contract with Alpine? By the way you wrote your post it seems like you don’t know about this, a 3 year extension is a long term deal.

  • Karen McCann says:

    He’d be completely nuts to sign up with a team that hasn’t only not supported him but blatantly thrown everything at Hamilton. If the roles had been reversed it’d be a very different story. Do they think fans are stupid? They think we just accept two well choreographed, disastrous pit stops lost him vital race points, when ‘golden boy’ was struggling and didn’t know how to race his way back into the points? And as for George Russell. Hasn’t last been his highest finish? All he can do is copy Hamilton and put Bottas out of the race. Disrespectful little upstart. Mercedes deserve him and Bottas deserves a better team than that. I hope he leaves them to it.

    • Moses Stevens says:

      Do you honestly think Merc would risk championship points in this conspiracy you’ve dreamed up? Why would they? And what exactly have they ‘thrown at Hamilton that Bottas wouldn’t have received? Merc’s one and only aim is to win – whether that’s with Ham or Bot, I don’t think they’d ultimately care. The issue Bot has is that Ham is a more consistent driver, simple as that

      • And if you see when they say to give space to Ham it’s just because he has better pace than bottas, and Karen what are you talking about? Do you think is it easy to take a Williams to P2, do you think racing a williams vs mercedes for p10 is it easy? no it’s not and Russell has demostrated that he is a good driver.

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