The Buddh International Circuit Now Has A Jump Apparently

During race two of the MRF Challenge Formula 2000’s visit to the Buddh International Circuit, several drivers got some unexpected air on the back straight.

If there’s one thing a racing driver doesn’t expect as they enter the braking zone at the end of a long straight, it’s a huge bump that pitches their car into the air.

That’s what happened to Ralf Aron – and to a lesser extent, Kim-Luis Schramm and the chasing Mick Schumacher – during race two at the former venue of the F1 Indian Grand Prix.

The MRF Challenge Formula 2000 cars were pitched into the air after hitting a bump on the back straight, at the entrance to Turn 4.

While the cars were off the racing line at the time, a bump that size and the resulting air isn’t something you expect to see.