Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse for McLaren, both their drivers are facing such hefty grid-drop penalties, that even if Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso locked-out the front row in qualifying they’d still be hit with some kind of additional penalty in the race, like a drive-through or stop-go.

The McLaren duo have 45 places worth of penalties between them, with Jenson Button having the shame of a 25 placed grid penalty when there are only 20 cars on the F1 grid. Only at McLaren Honda.


Button had already taken a 15 place grid drop from Canada and then received a further ten after a failure in practice.

Fernando Alonso has a 20 place penalty but just broke-down in Free Practice 3, so who knows where on earth he’ll be starting the race from.

EDIT: Another penalty for Alonso puts him on a 25 place drop too. Wow.