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BWT Want Aston Martin Back In A Full Pink Livery

We were all super excited for the green Aston Martin F1 car this year, and in the studio lights at their all singing and dancing launch event it looked pretty magnificent! But on track it hasn’t really had the same effect, it’s very easy to mix it up with the Mercedes and if we’re honest, the dark green looks pretty plain. BWT think the same.

BWT are the reason the car used to be entirely pink, and I think we all agree that it looked brilliant. But they’re not the title sponsor anymore so don’t have any control over the livery like they used to. Andreas Weissenbacher, BWT’s CEO, wants the pink back!

“Lawrence Stroll understands that my heart bleeds,” Andreas said to Speedweek about the car’s 2021 looks. “Historically, the British racing green is certainly understandable for many, but not for me. The Aston Martin doesn’t stand out on TV.”

BWT is famous for their bright pink colour, it has definitely helped them stand out and across motorsport, there are now loads of pink race cars because of them. The whole reason for pink is to stand out, but that’s not going to happen when the only influence they have is a small stripe and Sebastian Vettel having a pink helmet.

Andreas would love to be more involved: “If the Aston Martin were pink, title sponsor Cognizant would also have more fun because the recognition value would be much higher. Business-wise, it was wrong [to change colour].

“My biggest disappointment is that I have not yet been able to convince Lawrence Stroll to make the Aston Martin pink. Not out of selfishness, but out of pure reason, because a pink car simply attracts more attention and has a much more advertising effect.”

They’ve been trying to get more recognition recently in other ways and were the title sponsor of the Styrian Grand Prix which you may have noticed had some funky pink boards for the top three cars in qualifying and the race, yes that’s all because of BWT. They also sponsor cars in DTM, GT Masters, Porsche Supercup and Formula 4.

“The pink colour has not only become our trademark but has also acquired a certain elegance.” said Andreas.

We wouldn’t mind pink coming back to F1, it did always look amazing, maybe BWT will be able to twist Lawrence Stroll’s arm for 2022.

Do you want Aston Martin to go back to pink? Let us know!

12 thoughts on “BWT Want Aston Martin Back In A Full Pink Livery

  • Gary Thorne says:

    The Aston Martin has to be green, its the classic British racing green. I do think the pink looked okay but I remember what everyone was thinking when BWT got the pink stripe on the Aston, everyone was fuming. It would be such a disappointment if it goes back to pink, I’m sure many will agree and disagree.

  • Would love to see them back in pink. The green is to dark, and it can be hard to distinguish them from the mercedes from time to time.

  • Catalin-Mihai Vaduva says:

    I hate pink. I always hoped that somebody made something to change that livery. It’s emberassing to have a pink f1 car.
    I hope that they change a little the green that they use to a slightly brighter colour. But not pink.

  • Omar RocknAll says:

    As I saw on Fb, there are very good renders with the bright green Aston Martin uses in other series. They should go that route

  • Mark Slavin says:

    I suggest they twist open their wallets. Making the car their brand colours would give them more “value” than the title sponsor, and that costs a lot.

  • Alexandre Takacs says:

    I have to agree that the current livery is pretty dull. I had higher expectations but turns out to be a dud.

  • Rodrigo de Piérola says:

    I think that they make a good point of the “recognizability” side. I less than ideal lighting, it is true that the shade of green is not really great.
    Maybe pink stripes??

  • William Raymond says:

    Perhaps if there was some tasteful happy medium where the car’s colour could fade between pink and green it might work…

  • T Ray Olusola says:

    Actually I still want Aston to return lime accents back to pay respects to their championship winning WEC team.

  • sparky pvp says:

    I did enjoy the pink livery, but times have changed and it is under a new name. Aston Martin is to go forward not backwards IMO.

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