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You Can Now Watch The Evolution of Racing Helmets Too

They talk about the bravery of modern day racing drivers, but when you look back, it’s clear to see how the original racing boys were looked at as heroes – or completely insane.

This video from Donut Media is the predecessor to A Brilliant Look At The Evolution Of F1 Steering Wheels and takes us on a short journey from an original racing helmet of 1908 to the ultra high-tech helmets of today.

The first helmet was actually made from cloth. Cloth? That’s like wearing a fireproof balaclava and not bothering with the actual helmet. It’s then even more amazing to see that it took another 40 years before ‘Hard Shell’ helmets were introduced. Smart.

The classic helmet designs of Sir Jackie Stewart and Graham Hill start to come into play in the 60’s, and as time moves on you see more of the iconic designs from Nigel Mansell, Jacques Villeneuve and Jenson Button. There is also a nice touch to show Dan Wheldon’s lid from the 2005 season.

With current day drivers changing their designs more often, the current crop of racing helmets are now less iconic, but they sure are better for their heads – an incredible rise in driver safety.

Article by Scrutinize F1

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