Car Almost Vaults Tyre Barrier In Huge Pirelli World Challenge Crash

Alvaro Parente escaped unhurt after an apparent brake failure sent his Bentley into (and almost over) the tyre barriers

For any racing driver, brake failure is up there is one of the scariest things that can go wrong during a race. It’s a bad enough thing to happen on a normal circuit with plenty of run-off area, but on a street track…?

Unfortunately for Alvaro Parente, that appears to be exactly what happened. During a Pirelli World Challenge race at St. Petersburg, his Bentley Continental GT3 seemed to lose braking on the way into turn 10 (one of the fastest parts of the course), leaving him no option but to slam into the tyre barriers in spectacular fashion.

Incredibly Parente managed to walk away. After a trip to the medical centre he was cleared of any injuries, though unsurprisingly he was a bit winded by the impact. With so much damage to both the car and the barriers, the race was stopped.