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Caravan Club: The 24 Hours of LeMons

So 24 Hours Le Mans is over and we’ll have to wait a whole year for  another brilliant endurance race… or will we? The 24 Hours of Le Mons is a spoof version of the famous race and features endurance races all over America for cars costing less than $500.

So you’re probably wondering what some of these ‘lemons’ look like,  well click below to see them in action.

During  the race a car is given the award of ‘People’s Curse’, this is for being ‘the biggest jerks of the day’ and is judged by the crowd. The car chosen is then destroyed by whatever means necessary. Below is what happened when someone showed up in a car costing more than $500…

Another award is the ‘Organizers Choice’ which is given to the friendly team who most catch the spirit of the race. A trophy and $500 prize is given.

And of course the winner of the event receives a massive cash prize of…  $501



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