While Marussia are desperately trying to get back onto the F1 grid, their backmarker buddies Caterham are selling off everything. And I literally mean, everything. Nose cones, rims, cables, cabinets… you name it, it’s up for sale.

Of course the big bids are the Formula One cars themselves and there are four of them to choose from including the two cars that were run at the 2014 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in their crowdfunding attempt.

Team Lotus Rolling Chassis Show Car, Chassis No. T128.03 (2011)


Caterham F1 2012 Race Car, Chassis No. C701

original (1)

Caterham F1 2014 Race Car Chassis CT05 #4 & #2

caterham 2014 cars auction

F1 cars aside though the real star of the auction is this Henry Hoover, currently at £45 with 8 bids.

original (2)

Visit the auction page here. But get your eyes off that Henry Hoover. It’s mine!