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Check Out This Crazy Futuristic Brabham F1 Concept Car

Well, wonder no more. Talented designer Sean Bull – who recently brought us these classic liveries on 2017 F1 cars – has imagined what a Brabham F1 concept car from the future would look like.

But, he’s decided to focus on how the F1 car of the future could’ve turned out if the sport had kept with the rules and regulations from the ‘golden age’ of the 80s and 90s.

Back then, during those eras, aerodynamics and design were rapidly evolving, but the cars had a much simpler and cleaner look compared to the complicated beasts we see today.

The Brabham BT61X concept therefore takes inspiration from the cars and rules of the past, transforming them into the modern day. And it looks incredibly cool.

Featuring the classic white and navy colours Brabham is arguably best remembered for, the BT61X has a thinner front wing (almost looking like a mouth) and a wider, lower rear wing similar to the 2017 cars.

The whole car looks beautifully sculpted but is much cleaner and simpler than the modern-day beasts that hit the track.

Click here to see even more photos of Bull’s BT61X design.

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