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10 Christmas Gift Ideas For F1 Fans Who Already Have Everything

Christmas is the perfect excuse to get some more Formula One merchandise in your life but if you’re sick of getting the same old encyclopaedia or season review blu-ray, here are ten unique presents that’ll make your Christmas.

F1 Bodywork Wallets

Fancy a unique piece of F1 merchandise that you can use everyday? These wallets are not only lined with an F1 car fabric but each cover is made from a 10cm square piece of bodywork from a Force India race-used engine cover!

Product page: F1 Bodywork Wallets 

F1 jewellery

Celebrity Jeweller Alyssa Smith is the lady behind the F1 circuit necklaces Suzy Perry wears on the BBC. You can get your favourite circuit in Stirling Silver as a necklace, bracelet or charm. (Gift cards are available if you’re favourite piece is currently sold out.)

Product page: Smith and Perry

WTF1 shirts and mugs

but gro per

*Self promotion klaxon!* If you’re after some unique F1 shirts or mugs then look no further than the WTF1 shop, I mean where else are you going to get a BUT GRO PER mug?

Product page: WTF1 Shop

Race track coat rack

Coat racks aren’t exactly the most interesting products out there but they are when you can customise them with your four favourite race tracks!

Product page: Race track Coat Rack

Framed race tracks

If you don’t need a coat rack but still love your race tracks, you can get your favourite circuits framed up in a wooden frame from Graham & Leigh.

Product page: Graham & Leigh

Clocks made from F1 parts

brake disc clock

These clocks from Memento Exclusives are all made from real race-used Formula One parts! The Brake Disc Clock costs £549.00 but also on offer are clocks made from an F1 gear ratio for £129.00.

Product page: Brake Disc Clock

Product page: Gear Ratio Clock

Silverstone play mat


Whether you’ve got a kid or you’re just a big kid yourself, this play mat is just like the one you had as a kid… but it’s Silverstone!

Product page: Silverstone play mat

F1 crochet dolls

Just when you thought you’d seen every piece of F1 merchandise available, here are some F1 driver crochet dolls because why the hell not.

Product page: 2015 F1 inspired dolls

Custom Monaco signs

We all love vintage signs but this retro-looking motorsport tin sign can be fully customised so you can fool your friends into thinking you won the Monaco Grand Prix back in the day.

Product page: Classic motorsport custom sign art

Wheel rim coffee tables

The ultimate coffee table for any F1 fan. These super-cool coffee tables are made from race-used F1 wheel rims… and there’s £30 off them at the moment too!

Product page: Wheel rim coffee tables

We’ve also got one of these coffee tables to give-away signed by Force India’s Nico Hulkenberg and Sergio Perez as part of Team WTF1.

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