Taking a bus ride is surely one of the least exciting things a human being can do, but over in Japan they’ve come up with a solution.

Called the ‘Circuit Safari’, it’s something that’ll be familiar to any Super GT fan. During a race weekend, you can get on a bus and go for a ride around the track. During a live practice session.

It’s not just confined to Super GT though, and the Circuit Safari was also in action during last year’s NISMO Festival at the Fuji Speedway.

How good does that look?! Getting up that close to racing cars being driven in anger has to be up there as one of the absolute coolest fan experiences ever, especially when those cars are close to LMP1 levels of speed. It’s amazing that the drivers don’t seem to mind it and that doesn’t lead to any accidents – mind you, it’d be hard to not see a lumbering great bus!

It’s a pity that this is confined to Japanese motorsport. Although it’d probably be a little too ridiculous to have in F1, going for a bus ride around the likes of Spa, Silverstone or Monza during other championships would be absolutely epic.

This year’s Super GT season gets underway on the 9th of April. Now, how much is a flight to Japan?