Commuting can be one of the most boring aspects of day-to-day life, so imagine how good it would be to see this lot coming towards your on your way to work! That’s just what happened in Adelaide as part of a publicity stunt for the Adelaide Motorsports Festival.

After some of the touring cars which are synonymous with Bathurst and Australian motorsport (including the brutal TWR Jaguar XJS) comes the unusual sight of a quintet of F1 car on public roads. Two 1985 Ferrari 156/85s are followed by a 1994 Ferrari 412T1, a Haas-Lola (no, the other Haas) THL1 and finally a Benetton B186. Nice.

All of these F1 cars raced around the Adelaide circuit in period and will do so again during a display at the festival, which uses part of the track. Now, how much is a flight to Adelaide?