Going over Rally Sweden’s famous Colin’s Crest with a broken bonnet didn’t go particularly well for this rally driver.

Louise Cook was competing in the WRC 3 class at Rally Sweden when her bonnet flew up over her car’s windscreen as she tackled the terrifying Colin’s Crest.

She’d rolled her Ford Fiesta earlier in the stage but kept on going, albeit with no front bumper and a broken bonnet hood.

As she went over Colin’s Crest at speed, the hood flew up over the windscreen, completely blocking her view of the road. Scary stuff.

She preserved (not quite beating Mads Ostberg’s 44-metre jump at Colin’s Crest) but ended up having to retire from the rally due to a technicality over a replacement seat bracket, which wasn’t homologated with her car.

Nevertheless, we doubt Cook will forget her Colin’s Crest and Rally Sweden experience anytime soon.