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Comedian Noel Fielding influenced by Ayrton Senna

Turns out it’s not just racing-drivers that the late Ayrton Senna has influenced. In an article to The Guardian, comedian Noel Fielding spoke of how the Brazilian was a modern-day hero.

He even drew a picture of him, as seen above.

Here’s what Noel said to The Guardian when talking about his influences:

“Can you be in love with a dead racing driver? I’m not even into motor racing, but I watched the Senna documentary and I just thought he was amazing: insanely good and completely single-minded, but also really enigmatic and spiritual. Everyone in this country’s quite frightened by spirituality. In South America they talk a lot about being guided by a force, which makes us panic: “What force? What did it look like? Was it wearing a hat? Who do I phone up to get my own force?” Senna’s like a modern-day hero. His racing was almost like an act of poetry because it was so extreme. I’ve taken to drawing him quite a lot, and we thought about doing an animation for the show with Senna as a kind of superhero. But then [Luxury Comedy co-director] Nigel said he looked like the Stig from Top Gear.”


The Guardian 


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