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Concept Sketches Reveal How IndyCar Could Look In 2018

Jay Frye, IndyCar’s president of competition and operations, has unveiled a series of sketches that show what the cars might look like in 2018.

In terms of looks the Dallara DW12 is definitely a ‘love it or hate it’ car, but there could be no denying that it allowed for fantastic racing when it became the IndyCar chassis in 2012. The introduction of aero kits for 2015 brought back memories of the winglet-riddled F1 cars of the late 2000s and the racing suffered a bit too, but for 2018 that’s all set to change.

The manufacturer aero kits haven't exactly been popular
The manufacturer aero kits haven’t exactly been popular

Instead of Honda and Chevrolet developing their own aero kits, in 2018 the series will adopt standardised bodywork for the DW12 with the aim of being better looking, better for racing, and better for safety…and judging by this concept art, they could look awesome!

Is the new-look DW12 somewhere in here?
Is the new-look DW12 somewhere in here?

Although it’s not set in stone that the cars will look like this (these sketches were apparently drawn months ago) it’s clear to see the direction they’re looking to going in.

Frye believes it’s important that the cars pay some sort of throwback to the championship’s history in the design, which considering the somewhat ‘unique’ looks of the current DW12 can’t be a bad thing.

The hope is that an actual car bearing the final design will be built in time to be revealed at this years Indy 500 with the aim of testing it throughout the summer. Can’t wait!

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