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Could Mazepin Be Banned From Competing In F1?

Sport is rarely not affected by politics. With less than a month to go until the season-opener in Bahrain, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has put one F1 driver’s seat in jeopardy- Nikita Mazepin. 

Amid the outrage, F1 announced last week that it was “impossible” to hold September’s Russian Grand Prix under the “current circumstances”. In addition, Haas boss Guenther Steiner has revealed that Mazepin’s place isn’t guaranteed either.

Yet his future could be entirely out of the team’s hands, as one motorsport body is calling on the FIA to ban all Russian and Belarusian drivers from competing in FIA championships, including F1.

In a letter, the FAU (Ukraine Automobile Federation) has urged the FIA to block all drivers with licences from Russia or Belarus’ motorsport authorities from racing outside their home country.

Should the FIA agree to do so, Haas will be forced to find a last-minute replacement driver, preferably before the official pre-season test in Bahrain gets underway on March 10.

Mazepin’s ability to attend races is already at risk as some countries are considering revoking travel visas for Russians, which could prevent the 22-year-old from travelling to several races on the calendar.

FAU have also asked the FIA to ban the use of both countries’ state symbols from FIA competitions, such as their anthems. Mazepin already races under the Russian Automobile Federation’s white and black flag.

This is because in 2020, all Russian athletes were banned from representing their country at World Championships due to Russia’s state-sponsored doping scandal.

Alongside this, they’ve called on the FIA to ban all competitions being held within the two countries. They also want to expel all members representing Russia or Belarus in the organisation.

Meanwhile, economic sanctions against Russia and Belarus, who have supported their neighbour’s invasion, have created question marks around Mazepin’s seat and sponsors Uralkali.

Steiner’s comments that his future “needs to be resolved” come as legal talks are ongoing between the American team and the Russian fertiliser producer, owned by Mazepin’s billionaire father, Dmitry.

The final day of Barcelona testing saw the team remove all the red and blue Uralkali branding from their cars and paddock buildings overnight, instead choosing to run a plan white livery.

Thankfully for Haas fans, Steiner has stated team can survive without Mazepin’s sponsors, despite the deal rescuing them during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Who do you think could replace Mazepin at Haas? Let us know in the comments below. 

26 thoughts on “Could Mazepin Be Banned From Competing In F1?

  • Ciaran O'Byrne says:

    Putin knows sports stars are great for propaganda and mazepin with Uralkali backing in particular was a great vehicle to get around the Russian flag bans in sports. Even if someone as nice as Schwartzman entered F1 Russian money would no doubt come with him and Russia rn is the most tainted of them all.

  • Absolutely not. This is when things become
    emotional and not objective. I understand removing russian sponsors from hass and maybe hass dropping nikita as a result but banning russian players outright is not right. What did he personally do? I sincerely hope that he continues in f1 in one way or the other. It’s not his fault russia went into ukraine.
    Nikita did not even try or hint in any way or form to defend his country nor say anything wrong. It would be completely unjust to throw him out.

    • Ukrainians are dying today. Stopping Russians from driving pales in comparison. His father is a Russian oligarch who has 1 on 1 meeting with Putin. Of the people in Russia who are responsible for this Mazepin’s dad is high up there on the list.

      • I wonder, if your countries unelected Prime Minister, or President, decided to start a war with a neighbouring country, which you did not agree with, would it feel fair to you that you were banned from travelling anywhere, banned from working anywhere, in retaliation for acts you didn’t agree with, and couldn’t affect?

    • Phillip Watters says:

      I would probably agree with you if his father wasn’t one of Putin’s oligarchs. A driver of his low skill level doesn’t deserve a seat in F1 anyway. He’s only there because of his father’s dirty money.

  • Your Helmsman says:

    I’ll be happy to see Fittipaldi drive.

    Mazepin hasn’t covered himself in glory, but has waved the Russian flag (*ahem* the Uralkali branding) at every F1 weekend for a year. If he condemns his country’s actions, let him do so, and perhaps he can find a different country that will let him represent them. But let’s have no Russian competitors in any event until there are no Russian soldiers in Ukraine.

  • I think it will come to a point where Mazepan simply can’t travel with his Russian passport, and if he is banned, or not, will be a moot point. I think we are in a situation where very many innocent Russians are not only humiliated by the behaviour of their unelected dictator, but also cut off from their finances, their liberty and freedom. It is not fair, and I do not agree with it. BUT at the same time, political hits have to be made against Russia, as it’s about all that is available at the moment as reaction to the terrors which are happening.

  • Talking about the fairness of stopping a billionaire spoiled brat from driving his 800 horse power car outside his country.
    When civilians are being shelled and shot and burned by the very state apparatus that this kid’s family serves to uphold and preserve.
    Shame on you. Inadmissible.
    Ban him. And ban all Russian companies from doing business from any FIA team. And that’s not enough, that’s nothing, in fact. Above all, war must stop!

  • If this is what it takes to get a horrible driver out so be it, he will murder someone on the track with his horrible driving. He needs to go regardless of which country he comes from.

  • The reality is that innocent people are dying because of the politics of their homeland Mazepin will be an innocent victim of the politics of his president. He and the Russian oligarch money needs to be removed from the sport. It’s a global message that this kind of aggression can’t stand. Now on his replacement, I’d say that Haas could easily call up any of the F2 youth but I am pretty confident Grosjean, Ericsson, or Giovinazzi would love to get a seat back in F1. Haas or not, this is still the number one league in the world.

    • Phillip Watters says:

      Grosjean is settled into Indycar and he even moved his family to the US. I doubt he’d accept any F1 offer, especially one from Haas.

  • Atharv Nayak says:

    I think it wont make Putin back off if athletes are banned from playing
    Sure ban Mazaspin if he is supporting russia outright and saying it is right for his country to declare war in 21st century

  • Realistically either P. Fittipaldi, as Steiner has already implied, or someone with sponsor backing.
    The former would arguably be the easiest choice since he’s already in the team, has his seat fit done before, etc.
    Additionally, not being committed to anything else or another team equally makes things more straightforward.

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