Caterham’s crowdfunding campaign was not only a terrible idea, but the ‘perks’ offered for contributing were terrible value. £2,500 for a front wing? No thanks. It looks even worse value when, for just £6,400, you could crowdfund this and end up with a front wing. And a rear wing. And wheels. And a chassis. And an engine. And…you get where this is going.

Yup, £6,400 would buy you this electric powered, road legal single seater. Or for £9,500, a hybrid powered one with even more punch. The Egoista EM 01 ST (bit of a mouthful) isn’t exactly the prettiest single seater ever (presumably in order to comply with road safety regulations) but their business model seems sound.

So, for the price of a small hatchback you could have your very own environmentally friendly racing car that does 0-60mph in three seconds and 180mph, or you could have a few bits of whatever the Caterham administrators found when they were cleaning out the offices. Your call.