The Blingiest F1 Helmet Ever Is Yours For £30,000 - WTF1

The Blingiest F1 Helmet Ever Is Yours For £30,000

Just when you thought the blingiest F1 item was one of Lewis Hamilton’s chains, here’s a bespoke F1 helmet covered in 40,000 Swarovski crystals.

The Red Bull design pictured is one of Jean-Eric Vergne’s old Toro Rosso lids that jewellery designer House of Hope has carefully hand-embellished but they can even customise your own helmet in the same way if you want to blind other motorists with your bling.

Of course it comes out a hefty price, £30,000 to be exact. But hey, that’s like, less than £1 a jewel. Bargain, right?

So if you’ve got money growing out your ears then here’s the shop link from Memento Exclusives.

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