If you ever needed confirmation that you don’t need 200mph cars and massive cornering speeds to make a good motor race, then this is it.

This race at the Tsukuba circuit by a Japanese motoring magazine features the mighty Daihatsu Midget – a miniature pick up truck with a whopping 30 brake horsepower from its 660cc engine and a mid-engined, rear wheel drive layout for perfect weight distribution.

As well as having fantastically Japanese commentary, the race has everything you could ever want from motor sport – lunges, side by side action, wheels in the air, a tiny bit of powersliding and a close finish. One guy at the start even gets full on Zonta’d. The only thing missing is a crash, but that’s surely a testament to both the skill of the drivers and the brilliant handling characteristics of the Midget.

For added hilarity, turn the on the captions on the video. “I’m all about 99% golf.”