A motorbike rider was struck by a bolt of lightning during the 3rd stage of this year’s Dakar Rally, but managed to complete the stage anyway.

The Dakar Rally is one of the most gruelling and dangerous events of the year and those who compete in it are particularly hardcore – especially the motorcyclists.

Slovakian rider Ivan Jakes is one of those motorcyclists. He was 300km away from the finish of the third stage when he was struck by a bolt of lightning during a storm.

Although Jakes was aware he’d been hit he decided to carry on anyway, albeit with some pain in his left arm, and finished the stage in 15th place. The KTM he was riding effectively saved his life as it safely conducted the electricity through to the ground.

Jakes was sent to a local hospital for some checks but was ultimately ok, and has even been cleared to carry on with the rest of the event.

All in all a pretty heroic effort, I’m sure you’ll agree. In fact, it’s almost as heroic as the time Lewis Hamilton managed to finish second at Monaco in 2014 despite having a bit of dirt in his eye.