Daniel Riccardo Had A BBQ At A Fuel Station And Played The 'Pump To Win' Challenge - WTF1

Daniel Riccardo Had A BBQ At A Fuel Station And Played The ‘Pump To Win’ Challenge

Ever play the game when you’re filling up with fuel where you try and stop the pump at a certain number?

Daniel Ricciardo has! On the Friday evening before the US GP he donned a cowboy hat and headed to a traditional Texan barbecue at an ExxonMobil fuel station, and was tasked with stopping the meter at exactly $7.77 as part of the ‘Pump to Win’ challenge.

Ricciardo enjoyed it, but from the sounds of it he didn’t too particularly well!

“I always enjoy coming to Austin each year for the Grand Prix. It’s a cool vibe here and I experienced some of it tonight at a barbecue hosted by the folks at ExxonMobil. I gave it my best shot on the fuel pump challenge, it was actually really tricky to get exactly on the $7.77 mark, I’m pretty sure that any fans who come down to have a go will find it easy enough to beat me!”

The whole event was put on as part of the launch of ExxonMobil’s Speedpass+ app, which allows users to find fuel stations, pay for fuel, and earn rewards.

WTF1 was there, so make sure you keep an eye on our YouTube channel for an interview with Danny Ric very soon!

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