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Daniel Ricciardo Reveals Who He Thinks F1’s Most Underrated Driver Is

Despite all the drama currently going on at McLaren, Ricciardo has found the time to reveal his most underrated driver on the F1 grid – someone whose career path is perhaps proving similar.

“Personally, I like Pierre Gasly,” he said in an interview with Express Sport.

*Pieereeeee Gaaasllyyyyy noises intensify* 

As a former Red Bull driver, Ricciardo is one of the few drivers that understand the pickle Gasly has got himself into.

Gasly joined F1 with Toro Rosso in 2017, replacing Daniil Kvyat from the Malaysian Grand Prix that season, but was quickly promoted to a seat at Red Bull for 2018 next to Max Verstappen. 

He then got yeeted out and replaced with Alex Albon midway through the season. What a rollercoaster!

“He got to the top, but as quickly as he got there, he got knocked back down,” added Ricciardo. “He’s showing really good character traits, really good resilience because he’s still fighting. Through all of that, he actually managed to win a race in 2020. He had a few podiums, so I think when everyone wrote him off, he came back even stronger.”

Hmm, where have we heard that story before?

After leaving Red Bull in 2018, Ricciardo was largely out of podium contention during his time at Renault and then struggled during his first season for McLaren – at least until he bounced back at Monza to give the team their only victory since 2010.

Ricciardo concluded: “I’m happy for him [Gasly] as a human because I do like him, but as a competitor, I respect that. Getting to the top is difficult, and staying there is even harder. He went through a pretty big rollercoaster in 12 months, and I just know that he really fought back well from getting written off.”

With silly season in full swing and both drivers in the spotlight, could a fresh start for Gasly and Ricciardo get them back to the front?

4 thoughts on “Daniel Ricciardo Reveals Who He Thinks F1’s Most Underrated Driver Is

  • Just wanted to point out that Gasly joined RBR in 2019,not 2018 and Ricciardo gave Mclaren their first win since 2012,not 2010

    • Jamie Martin says:

      Yeah, as I was reading it I thought I must be going crazy because I thought DR won Monaco in 2018, so Gasly/Albon couldn’t have been at the team then! I would have thought the writers at at WTF1 would know their stuff a bit better!

  • Tawonga Mtika says:

    I think the most underrated driver is either Pierre or Mick since he’s the son of a 7 time world champion

    • Being the son of a 7 times world champion means nothing, also i don’t think Mick’s underrated cause he literally drove for a season and a half, with the full season being in a tractor. So there’s almost nothing to rate.

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