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Daniel Ricciardo Says He Felt Pure Rage In The Car During Monza Qualifying

Daniel Ricciardo said his final lap of qualifying, which got him his second-best grid position of the year, came from “pure rage” in the car. He’ll start tomorrow’s Sprint in P5. 

Danny Ric struggled in the first half of the season, but he has really found a new groove after the summer break. He qualified in fourth in the wet at Spa, had another Q3 appearance in Zandvoort and got a great fifth place in Monza this evening, although he wanted more.

“Yeah, I was angry,” said Daniel to Sky Sports. “That was just pure rage. Pure rage and wrestling the car. I knew there was a time in the last sector, so I knew I had what I had there, and I knew I had to pull something out in the last sector.”

Daniel’s final lap ended up just 0.006s behind his teammate, Lando Norris, and 0.029s behind the Red Bull of Max Verstappen. Third was there for the taking.

“I think I was third for a short moment in time, and then it was fourth, then fifth. That was what hurt the most. I actually thought I was third, so then when Tom told me I was fifth and told me the gaps…yeah.

“Not to talk about myself, but I think that is obviously why I call myself the Honey Badger. I do have an ability to flip and feel a lot of rage in a short moment of time, so that’s internally what I feel, but I’m going to hold it in and use it for good reasons in the sprint and the race on Sunday!”

Even though he missed out on the second row, fifth was a very good result, he was on the pace, and it looks like Daniel could be turning his season around.

“It’s been better,” he continued, “I’m more frustrated about third. I’m so close to Max, and obviously, Max has been the guy in qualifying. He’s got, I think, six out of seven poles, well now six out of eight.

“It’s been a while, so that would’ve been nice, but it was positive. We were fast, we had a good gap to the guys behind, so us top five have set ourselves a bit of a distance. I’m optimistic we can hold that.

“I don’t want to be fifth tomorrow.”

Daniel is fifth with Norris ahead of him and Gasly behind him for the Sprint tomorrow. 

17 thoughts on “Daniel Ricciardo Says He Felt Pure Rage In The Car During Monza Qualifying

  • Seriously? The opposite of honey badger. Ran with his cowardly tail between his effeminate legs from superior competition (Max @ Redbull) like he was on fire. Always second best when his teammate is solid. He’s a bad Aussie joke (at a time when their entire nation is a sick, authoritarian joke) and everyone who actually KNOWS the sport knows it. Gimme a break.

    • Red Bull officially put him in 2nd place to Max in everything. They determined that Max was their golden boy and Daniel would be there to support him and that’s not what he wanted. I don’t blame him for bailing.

    • Casey Southern says:

      scott, you are chatting breeze. and you’re using Australia’s management of covid (some of the lowest cases in the world) to try get your point across? touch grass. honey badger szn incoming

      • Several great drivers-Senna with Williams,Prost at Ferrari really struggled before finding (it at all with Prost)their groove with new teams.Daniel is an excellent driver and will find his way-he stood up well to Vettel and was smart enough to see Red Bull saw Wunderkid Max as their future.
        Hats off to Norris for really raising his game
        Australia has done at excellent jobs of limiting Covids impact but now needs to move onward.

        • Dimitri Moreira says:

          Senna struggled with the Williams being made to accommodate Prost’s driving style since he was on a 2 year contract but decided to retire and the Williams didn’t adapt well to the new regulations, losing all of its advantages. Plus Senna was a lot taller than Prost, so Senna felt very uncomfortable driving the car and made quite a few mistakes whilst trying to achieve perfection in that 2nd-hand crappy car who had 4 revisions until it got good. By then Senna was no longer alive.

          So it’s unfair to put Senna in that place since it was the Williams fault. A guy who’s struggling with the car doesn’t set fastest laps, and pole positions by more than half a second against a superior Benneton, every single race. Senna’s Pace, even uncomfortable and “undrivable” car, was still leagues ahead of everybody else. Hill qualify 5th or 7th, at 2.5 seconds behind Senna was just painful to watch. And Hill lost that WDC by 1 point, let that sink in…

          • Also Riccardo has been at it for 9 years now? After that amount of experience, Prost and Senna had 3 championships apiece?Whereas Ricciardo has exactly as many titles as you and I (I’m assuming that you don’t have one, ha ha…)?

          • Are there always this many keyboard warriors on this website or is it just because kids aren’t going to school in the UK anymore?

          • I think you need to seriously get yourself checked out mate. I don’t know what you are having but it is not doing wonders for you let me tell you that.

    • He lives in Monaco for a reason. Doesn’t want the Prison Keeper going thru his grocery delivery and confiscating that second bottle of wine. Oz is just reverting back to its roots as a prison colony.

      • Shows how much you know about Oz and Danny Ric.
        He hails from Perth in Western Australia and there are no restrictions there being covid free. Just can’t travel out of the state which isn’t too much of an issue as it’s a big place.

      • Judging by the crime rates in the UK, perhaps you should send a few more British cons to the prison colony, they’d probably be far safer here then the risk of dying from Covid such as in the UK/Europe. Typical Pom talking rubbish through your yellow buck teeth ahah…

    • Whatever fake news media you are reading about the whole nation being an authoritarian joke, maybe you should inject yourself with it, find yourself a mound of horse poo and go lay in it.

      • That’s the problem! The mound of horse poo (it’s called a “continent” BTW) is off limits to travel. Locked down tight. I will be staying tuned.

  • Are the moderators on lunch break or something? Jesus these comments are dumb. Fix this before I start losing any more brain cells. These other users have clearly already lost all of theirs

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