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David Coulthard Gives Savage Advice To F1 Drivers Who Can’t Handle New Cars

The W Series Ambassador had some pretty harsh words for F1 drivers who are having a tough time getting on with F1’s newest set of regulation changes – even urging some to ‘step aside’.

Porpoising is a word that F1 fans are probably sick of at this point, but it still remains a massive problem for teams to fix, both in terms of car performance and their own drivers’ safety.

However, Coulthard believes that the drivers complaining about the new regulations should “just get on with it”. Ouch. 

In a W Series press conference, the former F1 driver said: “I’ve been in a situation where I’ve had the advantage of my team doing a better job, and I’ve been on the other side when the team didn’t do such a good job and you take the pain whether it’s through your lower back.

“But what I would say to you, if any driver feels uncomfortable, if any driver feels he’s doing himself long-term damage, step aside.”

He added: “There’s a whole bunch of guys and girls that would very happily step into your car if you feel uncomfortable. I think we have to keep in perspective that sport doesn’t come with princess and the pea mattresses. If you’re a boxer you have the accept someone’s gonna punch you in the face. If you’re a footballer, someone’s going to drag their studs down the back of your legs.”

“I think we have to keep in perspective a little bit that this is where certain teams are, and there’ll be evolution, but for the most part just get on with it.”

Watch the fourth race of the 2022 W Series season live from Silverstone on Sky Sports and Channel 4 on Saturday 2 July.’

Do you agree with Coulthard or should the FIA focus on getting porpoising fixed?

36 thoughts on “David Coulthard Gives Savage Advice To F1 Drivers Who Can’t Handle New Cars

  • Journey Man says:

    Good to see Mr Coulthard continuing in the rich vein of Scotsmen with a chip in their shoulder.

  • Steve Mason says:

    I think he’s spot on. F1 drivers are too pampered these days. As DC said, just get on with it, you’re paid enough.

    • It’s not the pamper but that they are trying this angle to get a rule change to help them cause their car is sh*t

  • Finally voice if reason. Yes stop whining and get on with it or tell your bosses to raise the floor. But they won’t do that cause the bosses and drivers
    want to win more than protect the drivers health. They want to gain the safety by changing the rules to their advantage cause they did a bad job building their car

  • Karl Duplessis says:

    never heard of an x games athlete complain when they fuck up weeks on end to perfect the ‘small money, in comparison’ stunts which are trully astounding. most have multiple emergency room visits and they break bones. perhaps the hamiltwat should try figure skating.

  • Dwayne Sealy says:

    Coulthard, put your hind end where your mouth now is, and show the young ones how it’s done.

    • Juan Esteban says:

      Haven’t you heard; Red Bull discovered putting everyone on the payroll was their quickest way to success.

  • Some of us have bigger jaws but it doesn’t mean the bigger you have the more you can speak. There are people with smaller jaws who can speak as much as them. 😉

  • Lane Baumgardner says:

    God I can’t stand that Red Bull junkie….personally we need less of these ex racer pundits who continually run their mouth in a feeble attempt to stay relevant. Keep up the “good work” ” coo-TARD”!

    • So, are you saying that what he said makes no sense? That there are not even any F2 or F3 drivers who will be happy to jump into the Mercedes F1 2022 car, for a whole season?

      • Instead of looking at who said it, first see if the point is valid and then question the person who’s said it.

  • mike dsavis says:

    got to agree with Coulthard, back in the day the drivers had to put up with far worse than this-look at some old POV videos, plus no safety to mention , Hamilton the moaner once again at the centre of all this prima donna nonsense-time for him to go-F1 would be a lot better off without his drama queen theatrics…

  • Juan Esteban says:

    DC has been out of F1 longer than he was in F1 and during those 14 years he managed 13 victories. Remind me why he was discussing F1 at all much less at a W Series press conference?
    DC….it’s about the WOMEN!

  • Ryan Cairns says:

    I agree with DC on this, however I think that the drivers should be able to express their opinions without people shouting at them for doing so. Like if Lewis and other drivers are unhappy with their cars being very uncomfortable they should be allowed to complain because otherwise nothing will change. As much as I hate the drivers when the moan about things, you can’t stop them from doing so. Although I think that they should complain to their teams and not the FIA.

    • definitely their teams when not every car is having the problem. if the majority is having issues then FIA needs to hear it

  • If you want to be successful in any profession, you take advice from role models in that field who have achieved. Certainly, DC is not one of those role models in F1 to advice LH. 15 seasons, 13 wins and 62 podiums. He couldn’t even average 1 win a year and he wants to advice a 7 time WDC. Sorry!!!

    • Mediocre drivers don’t last for 15 years ibn F1. He most definitely achieved. Keyboard warriors are the worst…

      • If lasting for 15 years without a title and not even averaging a win per year is an achievement to you, then I just wonder how big your goals in life would be. If you call this achievement, then what would be your determinants for mediocrity?

        • You are a fool. A 15 year career in F1 can in no way be defined as mediocre. Just a ridiculous statement. Racing one season in F1 completes a bigger goal than 99.9% of all humans will ever accomplish. 7 billion people and you are one of 20 to be chosen…pretty damn nice.

          • I thought you’re a gentleman to share intellectual discourse with you. Unfortunately, you’re not and I need not waste my precious time with you. Enjoy your life.

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