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Does F1 Testing Really Matter?

One thought on “Does F1 Testing Really Matter?

  • Barrie Lindsey says:

    Of course they do. Cars like McLaren that have installed a totally different power train have had to change their chassis and the body work to suit. It would be unfair to expect them to get it right with the restrictions on wind tunnel use, as well as limited access to the best of them. They need to see the results of their efforts in real conditions so they can make last minute modifications. They cannot be expected to do this when they turn up for the first race of the season. In 2022, when we have new power trains and different Aero rules, testing will be just as important all over again. If anyone wants to stop testing, then they must lift all restrictions on wind tunnel use. Teams have to know that the car they’ve built actually works and, is 100% safe for the drivers.

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