So by now you should know that NASCAR is about to look a lot more wow, as next month Josh Wise’s #98 car will race the Aaron’s 499 at Talladega Superspeedway in a Doge livery. The dogecoin subreddit has already helped the Jamaican bob-sleigh team get to the Olympics and has recently raised $55,000 for Josh Wise to compete at Talladega.

Having parted with their hard earned cash, it was only fair for the dogecoin crew to create a doge-themed NASCAR and after a hard fought livery competition, there’s now a winner.

Now it’s just a case of choosing between black, silver or gold, which you can do so here.

dogecoinnascarsilver dogenascar

And if you still don’t know about Dogecoin, this video… doesn’t really explain it very well.

Thanks to NFNITM for the tip!