Dovizioso Wins Crazy MotoGP Race After Last Corner Attack From Marquez – WTF1

Dovizioso Wins Crazy MotoGP Race After Last Corner Attack From Marquez

MotoGP is renowned for its fast-paced, frantic and action-packed races, and those are the exact words we’d use to describe Sunday’s Austrian Grand Prix at the Red Bull Ring.

The winner was decided at the very last corner, with Andrea Dovizioso and Marc Marquez concluding their race-long battle by going side-by-side through the final turn.

Dovizioso held the lead into the last lap, but Marquez closed in on the Ducati rider and tried a move around the outside through the penultimate corner. It didn’t work out…

But, he wasn’t done there. No, he then dived down the inside of Dovizioso into the FINAL turn, but he ran too deep and went onto the exit kerb.

Dovizioso switched back and powered out of the corner to take his third win of the 2017 MotoGP season, with Marquez having to settle for second.

This wasn’t their only close battle during the race. Definitely not. Both were winning contenders from the very first lap and enjoyed early scraps with Jorge Lorenzo.

One of the best was this three-wide fight into Turn 4 for the lead, with Marquez eventually emerging ahead – only for Dovizioso to come back at him a little while later.

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Change of the lead!!!

The battle is heating up at the #AustrianGP 🔥 🔥 🔥

The Ducatis vs Marc Marquez!

Posted by MotoGP on Sunday, August 13, 2017

The lead changed a ridiculous amount of times in the second half of the race, as Marquez and Dovizioso jostled for position, and it went right down to the wire.

That’s some pretty epic racing right there! We need a lie down after that…

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