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Drive to Survive Has Won An Award For Best Factual Sound

Drive To Survive has won a BAFTA! The hit Netflix show, which takes us behind the scenes and has followed each F1 season since 2018, picked up an award for their use of ‘Factual Sound’ at the 2021 BAFTA TV Craft Awards.

The documentary series released its third season on Netflix back in March, proving once again to be an international success. After its release, Drive To Survive was the top TV show globally and gained plenty of media attention, with a clip even appearing on the UK’s Gogglebox.

Although it’s been a fantastic tool to introduce F1 to a new audience, thanks to the 200 million paying Netflix subscribers, many hardcore fans have picked up on the slight inconsistencies or accused Drive To Survive of creating artificial drama for the sake of the show.

It’s perhaps ironic that Drive To Survive has won best ‘Factual Sound’ in a year where the show has come under criticism for using certain team radio messages out of context. Even Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris’s bromance wasn’t safe from a bit of fake drama!

That being said, Drive To Survive has generally done an excellent job with the footage they have and using all their resources to create an entertaining documentary series that shows us a side to F1 we don’t normally get to see and brings F1 to a new audience.

Congratulations to the team at Drive To Survive on the award 🥳

3 thoughts on “Drive to Survive Has Won An Award For Best Factual Sound

  • Francesco Negri says:

    It’s a bit ironic considering the fact that most of the on board footage doesn’t use the real onboard sound at all

    • Rickard Boberg says:

      The award is perhaps for the best fake sound that sounds like a factual sound?
      To be fair, it’s only us hardcore F1 fans that can tell the difference. It might be that the jury is like, “this is an engine sound, it must be factual. Don’t we have an award for that?”

  • The only awards that makes sense are the one given by the actual audiences who can relate to the content. These awards are just for ‘show’. Showbiz is disgusting.

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