Driver Fights Rival Who Crashed Into Him On Purpose, Gets Tasered By Police

These two drivers totally lost their cool during a Figure 8 race at the Anderson Speedway in Indiana

In F1 we never really see drivers actually engage in fisticuffs. When it does happen though it just looks kinda funny, like when Nelson Piquet lashed out at Eliseo Salazar, or when James Hunt gave a marshal a knuckle sandwich and immediately regretted it.

Nascar sees its fair share of brawls between drivers, but even those are nothing compared to what happened in this Figure 8 race.

At a restart, Jeffery Swinford (in the black car) is spun around by Shawn Cullen (No.33) and gets so furious about it that he drives over to Cullen’s car, turns around, and deliberately rams him in such a way that he actually mounts the bonnet.

A furious Cullen then leaps from his car, takes his helmet off, walks around to the window of his rival and just starts beating down on the guy, only stopping when a police officer jogs over and tasers him as an electrified crowd cheer along.

Both drivers were arrested, and for using his car as a weapon Swinford got banned from competing at the circuit for life, the circuit owner saying “It’s just beyond my comprehension. Swinford will not race at this racetrack as long as I own it, and I plan to own it for a long time.”

Shocking stuff - you couldn’t make it up!