Laurens Vanthoor suffered a massive accident during the GT World Cup at Macau but won the race anyway, because red flag rules.

Battling for the lead with the Porsche 911 of Earl Bamber, Vanthoor lost control of his Audi R8 and hit the fence at the supremely fast Mandarin corner, flipping the car and spectacularly sliding halfway down the straight on his roof.

Amazingly no one hit him, but the race was red-flagged and Vanthoor thankfully climbed out unharmed. The race had already been through a 45-minute red flag period due to an earlier crash and there wasn’t enough time to restart it again after Vanthoor’s crash.

In other championships around the world the car that causes a race-ending red flag is often excluded from the results. But because the racing at Macau is run under slightly different rules, Vanthoor controversially kept the win.