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This Is Supposedly How DRS Zones Are Decided

What is your favourite part of a Grand Prix weekend? Is it the tense build up as the lights come on at the start of the race? An unexpected rain shower? An epic battle between two of the worlds best drivers? Nope, you’re right, it’s none of these.

Everyone’s favourite part of an F1 weekend is finding out where the DRS zones are going to be, and this video gives a long overdue insight into how that process is decided. Amazingly, it isn’t decided by drunkenly throwing darts at a track map or by a group of manatees selecting ‘DRS balls’ from a giant tank of water, but by ‘logic’ and ‘reasoning’, which surprisingly aren’t banned by the FIA’s sporting regulations – presumably because DRS itself isn’t sporting.

Incredibly, the aim of the rulemakers is so that DRS allows two cars to draw level at the end of the straight if they are 0.3 seconds apart at the start of the DRS zone. I can only guess that the rulemakers haven’t actually watched any races since DRS was introduced.


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